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More Highlights for Carolina Saturday

  • Waltye Rasulala WRAL-TV Public Affairs

    Waltye Rasulala was the Public Affairs Director at WRAL-TV. She hosted several programs including “AWARE,” “Carolina Saturday” and “Carolina Sunday.” PROJECT TANZANIA was the most ambitious project she was involved in while at WRAL.

    Watch and listen to how Waltye engaged the community through projects sponsored by WRAL-TV. Waltye was interviewed by John Harris, Corporate Director of Special Projects at CBC.

  • Bob Sadler Local Productions photographer

    Bob Sadler started work at WRAL in 1969. He learned photography while serving in the US Navy which prepared him well to work in television. In the beginning, Bob was assigned to work in the news department during the days of 16 mm film and retired during the era of high definition. He also worked on documentaries, local production projects, and public affairs programs.

    Bob shares his memories of WRAL with John Harris, Corporate Director of Special Projects.

  • Carolina Saturday June 1988

    WRAL-TV Public Affairs Director Waltye Rasulala hosts the program from Spivey’s Corner. Topics covered in this edition: Catholic missions help migrant workers during harvest season, two women in Chatham County help the poor, a child with a brain tumor has a bright outlook, “hollering” contest from Spivey’s Corner.

  • Carolina Saturday

    “Carolina Saturday” hosted by Public Affairs Director Waltye Rasulala. Waltye shares stories of people living in eastern North Carolina.

  • Carolina Saturday with guest Charles Kuralt

    Charles Kuralt, CBS journalist and NC native, joins WRAL’s Waltye Rasulala on “Carolina Saturday.” This edition of “Carolina Saturday” coincided with WRAL’s network affiliation switch from ABC to CBS. The first CBS program to air on WRAL was Kuralt’s “Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt.” Enjoy the conversation between Waltye and Charles as he shares his personal ties with the state and his career as a CBS journalist.