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More Highlights for Microspace

  • Joe Amor to Retire from Microspace Communications Corporation

    Long Time Satellite Executive Readies For Next Chapter Microspace Communications Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Capitol Broadcasting Company, recently announced that Joseph L. Amor III (Joe) the company’s VP and GM, has decided to retire effective Sept. 27, 2018.
  • Microspace! CBC WARP Drive

    Microspace is almost stealth-like among all the divisions at CBC. We know they are there, but they excel without fanfare. In most of our CBC work-a-day world we are dealing with terrestrial matters, but at Microspace they are launching digital
  • Microspace Undertakes Satellite Dish Painting at CBC Auburn Site

    Microspace recently began maintenance of their satellite uplink location in Auburn. This project included pressure washing & painting the satellite antennas and the buildings on the premises. Beginning in August and concluding in November, this project required a crew of
  • Spring Cleaning at Microspace, Tower Maintenance Complete

    300 feet above Microspace’s Highwoods Blvd location, a tower holds multiple microwave antennas used for signal transmissions across the Triangle. One of these antenna provides the microwave link to/from Microspace Highwoods to Microspace Auburn facilities.  The 10-foot cover over this
  • Microspace Produces Senator Burr’s Weekly GOP Address (Response to the President)

    MCC Director of Video Services Josh Clary shared an experience he had working with a U.S. Senator  in the Microspace studios with Capcom: North Carolina Senator Richard Burr was recently a guest in Microspace’s Video Services studio filming a live interview