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More Highlights for Election

  • WRAL Partners with PolitiFact NC to Fact Check Political Stories

    As the hotly contested 2020 election season nears, our country and our state appear more divided than ever. While the political left and right seem to disagree over truth itself, WRAL is committed to cutting through the noise and bringing
  • Back in the USSR

    To quote the title of an ol’ Beatles’ song, we are going “Back to the USSR” in this and the next Throwback Thursday articles. What prompted this revisit to the land of the bear? Since the presidential election, the land
  • WILM-TV Uses Digital Signage to Display Election Results

    Travelers along Wilmington’s busiest thoroughfares kept an eye on North Carolina’s gubernatorial race on Election Day powered by Capitol Broadcasting Company’s WILM-TV and New Media Group. On November 8, Fairway digital billboards in six Wilmington locations displayed the percentage of
  • WRAL to Host Third McCrory, Cooper Debate

    Gov. Pat McCrory and challengers Roy Cooper and Lon Cecil have agreed to a final debate before the Nov. 8 election. WRAL News will host the hour-long debate, which will be held at 7 p.m. Oct. 18. Anchor David Crabtree
  • Election coverage for 1972 NC primary

    WRAL-TV reporter Russell Capps ready to offer results for Wake County during election coverage.