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More Highlights for Bob Inskeep

  • FBI, Zoot and Rowell Gormon

    Famous Bob Inskeep enjoying a moment with his sidekick puppet Zoot and voice actor Rowell Gormon.

  • One Man; Many Voices

    Rowell Gormon created “theater of the mind” through various characters conjured up in his creative cranial recesses. In 1975, he was recruited from a radio station in Winston-Salem to WRAL-FM by Bob Inskeep, better known to listeners as “FBI,” or
  • WRAL-FM promotion contest in 1984

    Famous Bob Inskeep – aka FBI – shown in contest promotion mailing that urged listeners to tune in 101.5 in the morning.

  • FBI and Zoot

    WRAL-FM Morning Man Bob Inskeep in photo with Zoot, a puppet character who was popular on the show. Zoot was a creation of voice actor Rowell Gormon.

  • MIX 101.5 team in 1989

    MIX programming team: Standing L-R: Ned Attayek, Kathy Walston, Marty Callaghan, Bob Inskeep, Jami Elizondo, Mike Urben, David Wood. Sitting L-R: Bruce Mulder, Lori Rentsch.