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More Highlights for Bob Caudle

  • As the Weather Turns

    Weatherman Bob Caudle with incoming anchor Bob DeBardelaben during early 60s promotional shoot

  • Crazy Things

    1. Name the weatherman or meteorologist who presented a weathercast from WRAL’s tall tower. a) Bob Caudle b) Bob Debardelaben c) Bob Knapp d) Greg Fishel 2. Name the SKY 5 pilot who appeared in a live shot wearing a
  • Bob Caudle

    Weatherman and wrestling announcer in 1960s staff photo

  • Bob Caudle

    WRAL announcer Bob Caudle with the microphone at a Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling taping.

  • Crockett and Caudle

    Wrestling announcers David Crockett and Bob Caudle hosting a match at WRAL-TV Studio A.