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More Highlights for Bill Currie

  • WRAL sportscasting legends

    Mouth of the South Bill Currie and The Squire Ray Reeve catch up on old times.

  • Bill Currie at WRAL-TV

    The legendary sports announcer who would later be known as the Mouth of the South in his earlier days at WRAL-TV. Currie was Director of Radio for CBC and occasionally appeared on WRAL-TV.

  • Bill Currie

    Currie in a 1960s PR shot. Currie was Director of Radio for Capitol Broadcasting between 1959-62.

  • WRAL-FM 20th Anniversary gathering

    Notables include Bill Currie, Fred Fletcher and AJ Fletcher – 3rd, 4th and 5th from left plus Ray Reeve – 5th from right.

  • Bill Currie

    Sportscaster Bill Currie shows off his singing skill in WRAL-TV studio