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Highlights for Plymouth, England

  • Plymouth Celebrates the Roanoke Voyages

    Live coverage of the 400th anniversary of the voyage from Plymouth, England to the shores of North Carolina. The program includes historical background reports, meeting the people of today living in Plymouth, and other points of interest.

    The broadcast originated from the west pier of Plymouth harbor on the Barbicon Coast in SW England. The celebration included a parade, horse drawn carriages, Her Majesty Royal Marine marching band, and speeches from dignataries from England and North Carolina including Governor Jim Hunt.

    WRAL-TV News Anchor Charlie Gaddy anchored the broadcast carried by stations throughout the state by the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters.

    Aired April 27, 1984.

  • Hands Across the Water

    WRAL-TV News Anchor Charlie Gaddy explores the heritage of the Barbicon at Plymouth, England. Gaddy meets local fisherman Fred Brimacombe and his wife Joyce. They talk about the lure of the sea, daily life of a fisherman, memories of World War 2 in England, and a visit to a local pub.