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Highlights for Demonstration

  • Model HDTV Station dedication

    Margita White, President of the Model HDTV Project, presides over the first on-air demonstration of broadcast and reception of live and tape HD television. At 13 minutes, 29 seconds into this video, Ms White acknowledged that WRAL-TV (an HDTV model station) was the first station to transmit HD TV.

  • WRAL Weather Cruiser

    WRAL-TV’s specially equipped weather vehicle drawing a crowd at the NC State Fairgrounds

  • Jimmy Goodmon Speaks at the MEAS Demo

    Jimmy Goodmon speaks at demo of Mobile EAS

  • Early videotape technology demonstration

    Fred Fletcher addresses audience of sales representatives to explain and demonstrate new videotape technology in use at WRAL-TV.

  • Early demonstration of videotape

    WRAL-TV with AJ Fletcher demonstrates new technology of videotape to invited guests.