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Highlights for Farm

  • WRAL FM remote in 1958

    Radio remote coverage of Watermelon Day festivities at the NC Farmers Market.

  • Watermelon Day at Farmers Market

    Prize entries in the Watermelon Day contest at the NC Farmers Market in summer 1958.

  • Sets Were Simple in ‘63

    Take a look at this picture of Ray Wilkinson, WRAL Farm Director, seated at the Farm News set in 1963. Nothing fancy schmancy here! Ray Wilkinson joined the WRAL-TV staff as farm news director November 29, 1963. Of course he
  • CBC History Quiz Retro the ‘70s

    1. In December, 1976 a new morning program premiered at 6:00 called “Good Morning Five Country” with Ed McIntyre, a co-host, and regular visits by early risers from the CBC Farm Department. Can you name the co-host? A. Charlie Gaddy
  • Farm Bureau Honors Santiago and Gooch for WRAL Doc “Inside Cuba”

    WRAL Anchor/Reporter Leyla Santiago and WRAL Photojournalist Zac Gooch received an award following their hard work on the documentary, “Inside Cuba.” The North Carolina Farm Bureau presented them with the organization’s Communications Award for 2015. The award is given each