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Highlights for Charlie Gaddy

  • 1992 NCAA Basketball Final Four tournament Compilation of WRAL Sports Coverage

    Enjoy watching a compilation of newscasts featuring coverage of the 1992 NCAA Basketball Final Four and championship game. Spoiler alert! Duke University won the championship.

    WRAL sent a news and sports team to cover the excitement of the event. You’ll meet the student who was the Duke Blue Devil in 1992.

  • WRAL 60th Anniversary “The Early Years” by The Tar Heel Traveler

    WRAL celebrated 60 years of broadcasting on December 15, 2016. In recognition of that anniversary, Scott Mason – better known as The Tar Heel Traveler – took viewers on a time travel, via black and white film footage, to witness several news events covered by WRAL during the early years.

    A few of the highlights include President John F. Kennedy’s visit to the campus of UNC to WRAL News Director Bill Armstrong’s interview with NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong while he was training at the Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill. Meet Marlene Carole, WRAL’s first female weatherperson who used a chalkboard to write the high and low temperatures – with an eye-wink. Later we see WRAL transition to color and then lead the nation in HD technology.

    Feature edited by WRAL Tar Heel Traveler photographer Bob Meikle.

  • Correct pronunciation of Camp Lejeune

    Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is named in honor of the highly decorated 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps, John A. Lejeune. It is a military training facility located in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

    The name, Lejeune, has French origins. In fact, John Lejeune was born at Pointe Coupee, Louisiana. Unfortunately, the name has been mangled through the years by those, including ABC network news anchor (the late) Peter Jennings, who have unknowingly mispronounced it.

    WRAL News anchor Charlie Gaddy decided to seek out one of the relatives of John Lejeune and set the story straight. On December 9, 1983 Charlie Gaddy, news photographer Bruce Wittman, and SKY 5 pilot Mike Allen flew to the campus of Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in Lexington, Virginia where Lejeune served his final years of military service. Gaddy found Lejeune’s daughter, Laura, living near the campus.

    Watch this story and find out, once and for all, how to correctly pronounce Camp Lejeune.

  • Goodmon Honored with Award Named for Former WRAL Anchor

    A former WRAL-TV legend wanted an award in his name to honor a man who has helped him support an organization he holds dear.  Charlie Gaddy served as an esteemed anchor at the WRAL-TV newsdesk for several decades and during
  • 1981 Tower Lighting for Christmas and a look back by Charlie Gaddy

    The annual lighting of the tower for Christmas happens on December 1. It is a special time of the year when WRAL spreads Christmas cheer by providing a visual Christmas greeting to the viewers by lighting the tower with more than 3,000 multi-color bulbs. The result is a spectacular Christmas tree. The tradition started in 1959.

    This particular tower lighting on December 1, 1981 was extra special. For the first time, WRAL was able to give viewers a bird’s eye viewer LIVE via SKY 5 – WRAL’s news helicopter – during the ceremony. WRAL News anchor, Charlie Gaddy, shares his memory watching the magnificent images that SKY 5 provided that evening.

    Flying SKY 5 was pilot Randy Watkins.

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