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Highlights for Clarence Williams

  • “The Pumpkins Strike Back” vignettes

    “The Pumpkins Strike Back” is a delightful, cheesy series of four vignettes that aired on WRAL-TV during the late night Halloween movie on October 31, 1981. During the commercial breaks, “The Pumpkins Strike Back” would air prior to the commercials, then back to the movie.

    Rowell Gorman, “The Man of a Thousand Voices”, wrote the script and provided different voices to the pumpkin characters, as well as appearing in the production. Other “actors” were staff members at WRAL, many who had never acted before – and that will be apparent! The vignettes were produced by the WRAL production staff.

    The parody is loosely based on several blockbuster movies including STAR WARS, PSYCHO and PATTON. But “The Pumpkins Strike Back” is in a league of its own. Enjoy!

    NOTE: Single channel audio. Originally produced on 3/4 inch videotape.

  • WRAL-TV’s Smith and Williams Meet the Sir Walters of Combs Elementary

    “I was honored to be in the company of these future leaders and pledge to assist them in any way I personally can.” — WRAL-TV retiree Clarence Williams When Corp Director of Content Andrea Osborne saw The Sir Walters at
  • NABJ Honors WRAL-TV Retiree Clarence Williams with Achievers Award

    WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Ken Smith recently had the honor of presenting a prestigious award to a CBC legend.  Retired WRAL-TV Director/Producer Clarence Williams received National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Region III Achievers Award in a special ceremony in Memphis, TN,
  • Memorial Dedication for WRAL Radio and Triangle Legend Raymond “Dr. Jocko” Henderson

    Although he retired from WRAL-TV last fall, Clarence Williams is still sharing CBC stories from the community.  Williams recently wrote this piece to remember a WRAL Radio legend, Raymond “Dr. Jocko” Henderson and his mentor, J.D. Lewis:  The beautiful serene
  • Former WRAL Staffer and ESPN Star Inducted into UNC Journalism Hall of Fame

    WRAL-TV Director/Producer Clarence Williams helped represent Capitol Broadcasting at the North Carolina Journalism Hall of Fame induction on Friday, October 23, 2015.  He and several other staffers came to show support for the posthumous induction of former WRAL staffer and