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More Highlights for Rick Armstrong

  • Jamburger sports promo with sports anchor Tom Suiter

    WRAL sports anchor Tom Suiter coined the phrase “Jamburger” when a basketball player would stuff, or jam, the basketball into the hoop with full force. This creative 30 second promo highlighted an upcoming program featuring ACC basketball players and their teams. Rick Armstrong, WRAL news photog, played the role of “car driver’ at the fast food drive-thru. Produced in 1994.

  • News Highlights of 1990

    1990 News Highlights include the following top stories: WRAL news covers the buildup of U.S. military troops prior to the combat phase of Operation Desert Storm, sometimes referred to as the first gulf war. The trial of Blanche Taylor Moore resulted in the jury finding Moore guilty of first degree murder. County residents in Richmond, Montgomery and Iredell counties protest a plan to build a hazardous waste incinerator landsite. In politics, incumbent Senator Jesse Helms defeats Harvey Gantt in the elections. Severe weather caused a dredge to ram into the Bonner Bridge, knocking out several sections, rendering it impassable and causing Hatteras Island to be cut off from the mainland. Duke University’s basketball team losses to the Running Rebels of UNLV in the NCAA Championship game held in Denver, Colorado.