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More Highlights for John Hudson

  • That’s “Bubba” in the Middle. WRAL News Anchor John Hudson

    From left to right we see Ray Wilkinson, CBC VP and President of Ag News, WRAL News anchor/reporter John Hudson and WRAL reporter Fred Taylor. The picture was taken in Studio A on September 28, 1989. The occasion was a
  • WRAL Morning Newscast coverage of tornado damage Nov 28, 1988

    At 1:00 AM on November 28, 1988 a ferocious F4 tornado touched down in Raleigh, North Carolina. The most intense damage occurred over northwestern Raleigh where the tornado traveled through densely populated areas near major intersections. Many large businesses were damaged or destroyed including a K-Mart. There were two reported fatalities and 105 injuries across Raleigh as the tornado tracked across several subdivisions.

    WRAL News anchor Charlie Gaddy became the field anchor as he not only reported on the damage, he brought a sense of calm and genuine compassion to those who survived and then share their experiences. Gaddy also provided live reports to CBS News.

    This video is WRAL Morning News with anchor John Hudson, just a few hours after the tornado tore through northwestern Raleigh. The light of day revealed the devastation.

  • WRAL News anchor John Hudson and CBS Morning Program host Mariette Hartley promo

    WRAL News anchor John Hudson joins CBS Morning Program host Mariette Hartley in a promo connecting the morning programs. Hudson had a very likable personality which was perfect for morning viewers. CBS was battling for position against The Today Show on NBC and Good Morning America on ABC. Well known actress Mariette Hartley was hired by CBS to bring an uplifting presence to their morning news program. The promo shows delightful chemistry between Hudson and Hartley. (1987)

  • No Joy in Mudville documentary

    “No Joy in Mudville” provides an in-depth look into sports on various levels of participation from little league games to college to professional. Sports has become an obession with winning as the only acceptable outcome. The documentary also looks at co-ed sports, injuries, pressure on athletes and coaches, and life after sports.
    WRAL-TV participated in the Eighth Decade Consortium comprised of five television stations across the country. The other four stations were WJLA in Washington, D.C., WCVB in Boston, KSTP in Minneapolis, and KOMO in Seattle. Each station produced a segment in the documentary. WRAL produced the first segment, “For Saturday Afternoon Glory” written by WRAL Sports Director Bob Holliday and produced by Chuck Maye.
    The program was hosted by WRAL News anchor John Hudson. The opening voice-over was by Bill Leslie. “No Joy in Mudville” aired September 12, 1983. The subject matter is still relevant to this day.

  • “Pumpkin Hoops” on the morning newscast with John Hudson and Greg Fishel

    (Autumn 1986) The WRAL morning newscast anchored by John Hudson always had its light moments. In the remaining minutes of this newscast, John and meteorologist Greg Fishel have a “shootout” using two small pumpkins and a quickly fashioned backboard against the studio wall. Watch to see if who wins.