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More Highlights for WRAL-TV

  • WRAL-TV Exclusive Media Partner for Wide Open Bluegrass 2019

    Downtown Raleigh is getting ready for Wide Open Bluegrass 2019, and WRAL-TV is gearing up to play a bigger, better role this year. The music festival takes place next Friday and Saturday, September 27 & 28, with WRAL-TV as the
  • WRAL News to Partner with NBC News for a Week-Long Series: “Climate in Crisis”

    WRAL-TV will join NBC News and more than 250 news outlets in an initiative dedicating next week to covering the most important issues affecting our environment. Beginning this Monday, September 16, the week-long series, “Climate in Crisis,” will focus on current climate
  • Behind the Scenes at CBC: How Rescan Day Meant Changes at WRAL-TV Transmitter Site

    By now WRAL-TV viewers know about the Rescan Day on September 11, 2019, originally slated for September 6 but postponed due to Hurricane Dorian.  (To continue receiving the signal for WRAL-TV and FOX 50, viewers watching via antenna need to
  • WRAL Weather Team Adds Vehicle to Storm Tracking Tools

    Knight Rider had KITT, Han Solo had the Millennium Falcon and now the WRAL-TV Weather team has their very own high-tech ride.  The WRAL-TV Storm Tracker is an addition to the tools to help NC’s most trusted source for weather
  • SKY 50 Turns 40!

    This week SKY 5 is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a part of the WRAL-TV fleet.  SKY 5 was the first helicopter in North Carolina devoted to fulltime television newsgathering when it went into service on July 31, 1979.  Over
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