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More Highlights for Tar Heel Traveler


    Cribbage players travel to Raleigh, North Carolina to compete in the annual National Cribbage Tournament – the world’s largest cribbage event.

    Nick Pond, former WRAL Sports director/anchor and avid cribbage player, formed the American Cribbage Congress and national tournament in 1973. The competition was held in the studios of WRAL-TV.

    We have two vintage stories about the tournament. The first story aired in 2013. Scott Mason, the Tar Heel Traveler, provides a bit of history about this brainy card game.

    The second video aired in 1979. WRAL News reporter Del Walters talks with WRAL Sports anchor Nick Pond explains how cribbage, a popular game at family and friend gatherings, came out of the living room to take center stage with its own tournament.

  • WRAL 60th Anniversary “The Early Years” by The Tar Heel Traveler

    WRAL celebrated 60 years of broadcasting on December 15, 2016. In recognition of that anniversary, Scott Mason – better known as The Tar Heel Traveler – took viewers on a time travel, via black and white film footage, to witness several news events covered by WRAL during the early years.

    A few of the highlights include President John F. Kennedy’s visit to the campus of UNC to WRAL News Director Bill Armstrong’s interview with NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong while he was training at the Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill. Meet Marlene Carole, WRAL’s first female weatherperson who used a chalkboard to write the high and low temperatures – with an eye-wink. Later we see WRAL transition to color and then lead the nation in HD technology.

    Feature edited by WRAL Tar Heel Traveler photographer Bob Meikle.

  • Dec. 15 Marks 60 years for WRAL-TV

    WRAL-TV’s Tar Heel Traveler Scott Mason features WRAL-TV on his latest installment, in honor of an important anniversary for the Big 5.  Dec. 15, 2016, marks 60 years since WRAL-TV first signed on the air. Check out more from about
  • Tar Heel Traveler Skip Cilley intros the new THT John Pronk

    WRAL Tar Heel Traveler Skip Cilley introduces the new Tar Heel Traveler John Pronk. John criss-crossed North Carolina finding interesting folks and their stories from July 1978 – March 1979.

    After Cilley left WRAL, he continued to work in television in Texas, Utah, and Massachusetts before taking a position in St. Louis, Missouri with the Evening Magazine Program. He won several EMMY awards throughout his career.

    After leaving broadcasting, he started Cilley Communications. He made St Louis his home for the remainder of his life. Cilley passed away June 2005.

  • Tar Heel Traveler Skip Cilley and corn shuck chairs

    Skip Cilley was the Tar Heel Traveler from February 1977 – July 1978. In this installment of THT, Skip talks with Thelma Graham in Columbus County, North Carolina. Thelma demonstrates the almost lost art of crafting the bottom of wood chairs with layers of twisted corn shucks.

    Circa 1977. Film.