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More Highlights for WILM-TV

  • WILM-TV Becomes Independent Station on January 1st

    More WRAL News, More Sports, and More Great Entertainment! WILM-TV will start the new year with a big change.  As the ball drops at midnight on January 1, 2017, WILM will go independent! So, what exactly is an Independent Station? 
  • WILM-TV Uses Digital Signage to Display Election Results

    Travelers along Wilmington’s busiest thoroughfares kept an eye on North Carolina’s gubernatorial race on Election Day powered by Capitol Broadcasting Company’s WILM-TV and New Media Group. On November 8, Fairway digital billboards in six Wilmington locations displayed the percentage of
  • WILM carries WRAL news

    WILM in Wilmington, NC is owned by Capitol Broacasting Company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. WILM is a CBS affiliate, as is WRAL. WRAL provides news coverage fo eastern North Carolina for WILM. This promo was produced in 2003.

  • MeTV logo at WILM in Wilmington

    MeTV is the classic television show network running on a WILM-TV digital channel.

  • WILM-TV logo

    CBC’s station in Wilmington, NC is the CBS affiliate in that television market.