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More Highlights for Rowell Gormon

  • FBI, Zoot and Rowell Gormon

    Famous Bob Inskeep enjoying a moment with his sidekick puppet Zoot and voice actor Rowell Gormon.

  • One Man; Many Voices

    Rowell Gormon created “theater of the mind” through various characters conjured up in his creative cranial recesses. In 1975, he was recruited from a radio station in Winston-Salem to WRAL-FM by Bob Inskeep, better known to listeners as “FBI,” or
  • Uncle Paul Show promo 1977

    Uncle Paul was a very popular character portrayed by Paul Montgomery, an accomplish jazz pianist who was also legally blind. The video shows Uncle Paul talking with Mr. Anybody, portrayed by Rowell Gormon, about the program, “Time for Uncle Paul,” moving to a new time period. Promo produced in 1977.

  • WRAL News promo about Dead End Job using character actor Rowell Gormon

    Well known radio personality and character actor Rowell Gormon brings the subject of “Dead End Job” to life. His portrayal of a person facing job disatisfaction resonated with viewers who were in a similar predicament. The news promo was very effective and well received by viewers.

  • Rowell Gormon

    Voice actor and puppeteer Rowell Gormon, who created characters for Time for Uncle Paul, Bob Inskeep and a host of other CBC programs.