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More Highlights for Farm

  • Ray Wilkinson pouring Pepsi

    Farm Director pouring Pepsi Cola for youngster at tobacco barn as the crop comes in from the field.

  • Story time with Ray Wilkinson

    Famed CBC Farm Director Ray Wilkinson tells a story on the chicken circuit.

  • WRAL FM remote in 1958

    Radio remote coverage of Watermelon Day festivities at the NC Farmers Market.

  • Watermelon Day at Farmers Market

    Prize entries in the Watermelon Day contest at the NC Farmers Market in summer 1958.

  • Sets Were Simple in ‘63

    Take a look at this picture of Ray Wilkinson, WRAL Farm Director, seated at the Farm News set in 1963. Nothing fancy schmancy here! Ray Wilkinson joined the WRAL-TV staff as farm news director November 29, 1963. Of course he