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More Highlights for Promotions

  • Action News 5 promo Meat Series (1977)

    This vintage Action News 5 promo from 1977 was produced in studio A at WRAL-TV. WRAL promo producer Tom Lawrence provided the “questioning voice.”

    “Meat: The Raw Facts” was a series of reports on the itegrity of meat served in local restaurants.

  • As the Weather Turns

    Weatherman Bob Caudle with incoming anchor Bob DeBardelaben during early 60s promotional shoot

  • FOX50 America at War promo

    September 11, 2001 terrorists attacked New York City and Washington, D.C. In response to those attacks, America went to war.

    In North Carolina, many active duty and reserve military personnel were called to serve overseas. Families faced new realities as they adjusted seeing their relatives leave home to serve their country.

    This 30 second promo aired during November, 2001 on WRAZ FOX 50.

  • Action News 5 promo Image promo 1982

    This news image promo from 1982 blends behind-the-scenes video of the newsroom with video of community activity to illustrate the connection between WRAL News and the people it serves.

    In the video you will see a variety news anchors and reportors as well as behind-the-scenes production staff and news photographers.

  • WRAL News reporter Don Kobos promo about pollution 1979

    This news promo produced in 1979 features an investigative story by WRAL News reporter Don Kobos. Citizens living in eastern North Carolina were concerned about air pollution and its effects. Kobos sited the different counties impacted by pollution and then investigated how the state of North Carolina could take corrective measures.

    Don Kobos was an investigative reporter at WRAL from 1978 to 1982. In 1982, he moved to Houston, Texas to work as a reporter at KTRK (ABC). In 2000, he became assistant news director at KTRK and retired in 2014. Kobos started his career at WWBT in Richmond, Virginia in 1976.

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