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More Highlights for Mike Allen

  • SKY 5 flies over NC mountains 1983

    SKY 5 often criss-crosses across North Carolina to cover a story. While enroute, or on the way back, the photographer will often take advantage of the beautiful landscape by videotaping the scenery and then later add music to complement visuals. This video was shot and edited in 1983 as SKY 5 pilot Mike Allen flew the news crew back to Raleigh.

  • Money Desk with Tim Smith featuring Ultralights Parts 1 and 2

    WRAL News reporter Tim Smith was the “Money Desk” expert. On a daily basis Tim provided viewers with money and time saving tips, cautionary advice, and in this case – an affordable way to fly. Bill Pleasants sold recreational ultra-lights. The aircraft did not require a pilot’s license and was quite affordable. Tim Smith convinced SKY 5 pilot Mike Allen to fly the ultralight. This two part report gives you an idea whether or not to consider an ultralight in your future. (Circa November 1982) Tim Smith is now retired from American Airlines where he served as their spokesman.

  • Water Skiing video essay from SKY 5

    WRAL-TV Sports photographer Jay Jennings and SKY 5 pilot Mike Allen caught up with 13 year old water skiing champion Christy Overton of Greenville, North Carolina. Christy held the national record for skiers in her age group, and was the top water skier in North Carolina regardless of age group. EMMY award winning photographer Jay Jennings shot video from the boat and from SKY 5 and masterfully edited this video essay showing Overton at her best. Circa 1983.

  • Weatherman Bob Debardelaben talks to SKY 5 pilot Mike Allen

    Weatherman Bob Debardelaben talks with SKY 5 pilot Mike Allen who is flying over Jordan Lake on a gorgeous day.

  • SKY 5 and Anniversary of the Wright Brothers First Flight

    SKY 5 pilot Mike Allen flies to Kitty Hawk to mark the anniversary of man’s first powered flight. Scott Crossfield, the first man to fly 3 times the speed of sound, reflects on the significance of the accomplishment made by the Wright Brothers. (aired December 1982)