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More Highlights for Richard Adkins

  • Exploring Climate Change documentary

    “Exploring Climate Change” is a documentary produced in 2015.

    From Raleigh, North Carolina to Barrow, Alaska and back again, WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel and photojournalist Richard Adkins traveled the continent looking for answers on climate change. They spoke to leading climate scientists, as well as religion experts to understand the science of climate change, what changes we can already see affecting our state and why such a divide exists between scientists and the general public.

  • NOAA Hurricane Hunter Aircraft

    WRAL News photographer Richard Adkins flew into the eye of a storm named Irene, August 2011. You’ll see what happens inside this special aircraft referred to as a “Hurricane Hunter” as it criss-crosses through a hurricane.

    Adkins wrote and shot this story. It is voiced by WRAL News anchor David Crabtree.

    Hold on to your seat as you watch!

  • WRAL Chief Meteorologist travels to the summit of Mount Washington

    WRAL Chief Meteorologist is known for his love of science and cold weather. His trip to the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire was a dream come true.

    This two part report (seen back-to-back) features Greg enjoying being in the cold northern regions, even to the point of helping residents shovel their snow. Then he traveled to the summit of Mount Washington, also known as “Home of the World’s Worse Weather.” Greg meets with fellow scientists and experiences the frigid, harsh conditions of the mountain.

    Photographer – Richard Adkins
    February 16, 2012

  • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse move documented by WRAL photogs

    How do you document relocating the world’s largest brick lighthouse? WRAL did it with nine award winning photographers who traveled to Hatteras Island located on the Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina. WRAL rented a cottage, rotated photographers so video could be shot on a daily basis for six months.

    WRAL made a deal with the National Park Service to document this amazing feat of engineering in American history. The agreement allowed WRAL’s news photographers complete access to the work site. They interviewed and followed engineers and construction workers as they moved the Cape Hatteras lighthouse back from the edge of the coast. The result was 93 hours of recorded video tape that was edited into news stories and a documentary.

    Watch and listen to the photographers tell their stories of working this historic assignment. News photographers: Richard Atkins, Terry Cantrell, Jay Jennings, Joe Frieda, Ed Wilson, John Cox, Mark Copeland, David Renner, Gil Hollingsworth. WRAL News anchor/reporter Bill Leslie is the reporter.

    September 1999

  • Reporting Live, From Buffalo, In the Snow

    When Buffalo, NY, recently experienced a recording-breaking November snowfall, WRAL-TV Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel & WRAL-TV News Photographer Richard Adkins hit the road.  The pair traveled up north to bring the snow story back to the Triangle.  Adkins shared their