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More Highlights for Captain 5

  • Capn Five Hi-Yo Silver yelling contest winner

    Harry Raynor of Raleigh proved to be the loudest contestant in the contest designed to promote the Lone Ranger features on Capn Five.

  • Herb Marks

    Capn 5 star Herb Marks in one of the last photos taken before his death in 2015

  • Capn 5 show in studio

    Herb Marks and Paul Montgomery entertain the kids during a Capn 5 show

  • Capn 5 w tiny fans

    Herb Marks portraying Capn 5 as he mingles with enthralled youngsters

  • Capn 5 with puppets

    Herb Marks and puppets used on the WRAL-TV Capn 5 show. He is holding the puppet known as Rowdy on the show.

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