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More Highlights for Bob DeBardelaben

  • WRAL Action News 5 newscast Dec 12 1978

    Action News 5 newscast from December 12, 1978. Charlie Gaddy was the solo news anchor. Bob Debardelaben was the weathercaster, and Rich Brenner was sports anchor. Also seen seated at the anchor desk was reporter Leila Tvedt, who primarily covered high profile court cases. Also seen in the newscast is legendary reporter Fred Taylor and sportscaster Tom Suiter.

    The video shows the end of the lead-in ABC network program “Bewitched” followed by headlines, commercial break, Action News 5 open and then the newscast. Classic commercials have been saved as well.

  • Crazy Things

    1. Name the weatherman or meteorologist who presented a weathercast from WRAL’s tall tower. a) Bob Caudle b) Bob Debardelaben c) Bob Knapp d) Greg Fishel 2. Name the SKY 5 pilot who appeared in a live shot wearing a
  • Action News 5 team

    Adele Arakawa, Charlie Gaddy and Bob DeBardelaben on set during 1980s newscast.

  • Dateline News in progress

    Crew member Jack Stokes, Sam Beard, Bob DeBardelaben and Russell Capps during live Dateline newscast.

  • WRAL Reunion Newscast 2006

    WRAL-TV celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2006 by inviting legedary news anchors Charlie Gaddy and Bobbie Battista, weatherman Bob Debardelaben and sportscaster Tom Suiter to present the news, weather, and sports one more time together. The reunion broadcast turned out to be one of the highest rated newscasts at WRAL. The opening of the newscast included a montage of various TV 5 news openings during the years. News anchor Bobbie Battista left WRAL on November 25, 1981 for CNN in Atlanta where she excelled as one of their primary news anchors. Charlie Gaddy retired from WRAL in 1994 and Bob Debardelaben retired in 1989. Tom Suiter retired as primary sports anchor in 2008, but continued to produce “The Extra Effort Award.”

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