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More Highlights for Adele Arakawa

  • Election coverage at WRAL-TV

    Anchors Adele Arakawa and Charlie Gaddy host election coverage from the WRAL newsroom.

  • WRAL anchors on election night

    Adele Arakawa and Charlie Gaddy discuss election results with analyst in 1988

  • Action News 5 funnies with news anchor John Hudson

    Sometimes the best made plans go awry, especially if it is a “live” shot during a newscast. Here are two examples of WRAL news anchor John Hudson having a bit of fun with two situations. (circa 1984)

    The first example shows reporter Bryan Glazer reporting “live” from a post office on tax filing day, April 15. Before the day of electronic filing, tax payers needed to mail their tax returns in an envelope stamped before midnight. Last minute deliveries were common and created long lines at the post office. It just so happened that the “live” shot occurred during a lull. That left Bryan without someone to interview. News anchor John Hudson helped relieve the awkward moment with a little humor.

    The second video shows WRAL news anchor John Hudson offering up a humorous comment after WRAL reporter Howard Fox finished his “live” shot at the fairgrounds at the expense of reporter, Bryan Glazer, who was not even on the scene. You’ll recall in the previous video that Glazer waited in hope of interviewing someone about filing their tax returns at the last minute. Hudson cleverly connected the wait to Howard Fox having to wait for a mule to dive into the water. The humor left Adele Arakawa speechless and the studio camera crew doubled over in laughter.

  • WRAL Sports anchor Tom Suiter and WRAL News anchor Adele Arakawa on Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve in the mid-’80s brought out a bit of mischief on the newset with sports anchor Tom Suiter and news anchor Adele Arakawa.

  • WRAL Sports anchor Tom Suiter rides an elephant at Rocky Mount Fair

    WRAL Sports anchor Tom Suiter triumphantly returns to his hometown, Rocky Mount, on an elephant and has some fun at the Rocky Mount Fair. An extra bonus is Tom introducing his mother to the home crowd and the WRAL viewers. (circa 1985)

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